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La Terraza is Located at Barangay Bucandala 1, Imus, Cavite

Prime Location of La Terraza

La Terraza is located at Barangay Bucandala 1, Imus, Cavite. It is just 19 kilometers away from the south of Manila. It takes only half an hour to drive to La Terraza from Manila. So the location of La Terraza is good and aptly accompanied by a good network of roads, schools, colleges, terminals, hospitals, convenience stores, shopping centers, fast food chains etc.

1. Central business and financial district of Makati: This is a commercial sector located within a short drive from La Terraza. If such an important commercial hub is nearby one can expect a high resale value of the purchased property in the near future. The central business and financial district could possibly be the potential working point for the residents of La Terraza as they can communicate easily.

2. Baclaran Mall: The Baclaran Mall is a prominent landmark located near to LA Terraza. The Baclaran Mall caters to the various needs of the residents of the La Terraza. All the goods and services like day to day use commodities, clothing attires and accessories can be easily found. The mall’s infrastructure is a magnificence in itself which is worth admiring.

3. Ismus Terminal: Located near the Business district office of Makati is the Ismus Terminal. The Ismus terminal is at a convenience point from La Terraza to travel within the city and within the province. So traveling or going out of the city is not an issue for the residents.

4. Schools: Good schools are located near La Terraza. Both private and public schools are located which provide holistic developments of the children both academically as well as in co-curricular activities.

5. Colleges: Good and reputed colleges are there close to La Terraza. They can help bring streamlined professional graduates who can prosper with time and can use their knowledge wisely for mankind.

6. Hospitals: There are many hospitals located near to La Terraza. There are both private as well as public hospitals located in the city. Highly sophisticated doctors and nurses are employed for the better treatment of the disease.

7. Fast Food Chains: The fast food chains are located very near to La Terraza. All the options such of food are available. Luxury restaurants and food chains are conveniently located on the housing model, where one can go and dine in.

8. Shopping Centers: There are many shopping centers located near La Terraza. There is no pressure of buying bulks of commodities and keeping it in a stock. One can buy the limited amount of commodities and save extra money. Then whenever the commodities are in short one can easily go to the shopping centers and convenience stores as they are located nearby and buy the desired commodity.

9. Public Banks: There are many public banks located near La Terraza. The banks have a good ambiance. Residents of La Terraza can open bank accounts in the nearby banks and then can safely deposit their savings on which banks will them interest in return. Banks can also lend loans to the residents.

From Makati / Baclaran

  • Ride jeepney/bus in Baclaran or Coastal Mall with signboard Dasma Bayan
  • Get off at Imus Terminal near BDO Imus.
  • Take jeepney with signboard Dasma Bayan
  • Get off at Carsadang Bago junction
  • Walk or take tricycle going to La Terraza Villas.
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