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There is an array of unending facilities and amenities that are offered by the La Terraza that makes the life of the residents smooth, free flowing and convenient in every possible sphere of life. The hospitality and caring managerial team have taken all the possible measures to make life luxurious and affluent of the residents. Let us take a brief look at the vivid facilities and amenities of La Terraza:

1. Clubhouse: A well-equipped and well-furnished clubhouse is centrally located between the housing Model. People can gather here from time to time, families can have a bond with each other and children can spend time together as well. The club is a spacious place to gather. The clubhouse can also be used to celebrate special occasions. The clubhouse adds to the luxury of La Terraza.

2. Basketball Court: The tall guys are going to have fun for sure. Basketball is considered a good game to build a physique and outline the fitness. La Terraza is having a very good basketball court in which children and adults can accommodate and enjoy the sport.

3. Landscaped Gardens: Every lot of the La Terraza has its own common garden. The gardens are properly managed with the help of highly trained personnel who hold expertise in gardening. There are ranges of flowers which give La Terraza a very beautiful look and feel. The Landscaped gardens are no less than a heavenly place to be at.

4. Transportation: Buses are available on the nearby transportation. Cabs and personal taxis are available easily. So public transportation is very easily available. Private transportation is also easy if you own a vehicle. With your own vehicle, you can travel easily as there is good connectivity of road and less traffic nearby. Summing it up transportation is not an issue rather it is affordable within your pockets at your convenience.

5. Security: The security at La Terraza is very tight which makes it a lot secure and comfortable place to reside in. The security is highly trained in skills of protecting the people especially at the time of emergency incidents. Their security is also technologically updated from time to time. The security is very tight and strict. They are managed with precision.

6. Centralized water system: La Terraza is equipped with a well-balanced and centralized water system. The water system is a simple and modern one. It offers water facilities to the residents with 24x7 water supply. The water is clean and can be put into several uses straight away. A centralized and modern water system lets you have the comfort of a new level.

7. Swimming pool: A fresh water swimming pool is all that you need to relax in summers. La Terraza has a big swimming pool in which residents and their guests can swim in the fresh water and feel stress released and rejuvenated. The water of the swimming pool is changed continuously taking in care the hygiene and cleanness.

  • Basketball Court
  • Club House
  • Parks and Playground
  • Swimming Pool
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